Once chunky, thrice injured

I’m a former high school/college athlete, but never ran further than three miles until a period of fairly intensive running a few years out of school. I became an off and on runner until Feb. 14, 2002 when I stepped on the scale and found myself weighing a gross 240 lbs. I’ve run regularly since and have kept my weight at or below 200.

Generally I have logged between 15 and 20 miles per week all year round. My running has been interrupted by injuries three times in eight years.  Sciatica took me out for

several months; the guess is that I’d popped a disk lifting a big chair with a bent back. Some PT to stretch and strengthen by back, abs and core.  A couple of years later I had a little run in with Achilles’ Tendonitis but I ibuprofened/iced/heated my way through.  Last summer I got both Achilles’ Tendons into a pretty bad state and had to really lay off for several months.

I started up again around Thanksgiving with new shoes. My shoes were deemed to be part of the problem, so I’ve gone bigger and badder with Brooks Addictions and ASICs Trail Runners for the snow. I’ve been coming back slowly running only 3 days a week and only about 3-3.5 miles per. And in the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing stretching and strengthening exercises on my off days.

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