Barefoot Running…WTF?

As a kid, I went days or weeks shoeless, and today I wear footwear with far less frequently than most. I even jog a little when, say, I’m late getting down to the beach to sail. So, as I started hearing bits and pieces about the concept, it immediately resonated.

At a (delightful) dinner party, Hellie Swartwood mentioned that she was reading Born to Run. What I gathered was that it’s the story of a tribe of Mexican natives who collectively run like the wind and with minimal footwear. More importantly, this great little read had evidently inspired Hellie to take a run at barefoot running come spring.

Shortly after I was running in the first annual Lincoln, MA Gobble Wobble on Thanksgiving morning. It was a fun run. I find it fun to finish in front of everyone else. Didn’t I get my rear kicked by a flying young fellow in funky footwear? My first exposure to Vibram Five Fingers.

Just after the first of the year, the library emailed me to say that Born to Run had arrived. I was 20 pages or so in when I mentioned it to Marta Downing after Uncle Geoff’s memorial service. Of course it turns out she’s the New England distributor for a line of “barefoot” shoes. We went swimming to celebrate.

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