Better than work

I had an inspiring chat with my old running buddy Larry Smith. He called me to talk biz, but we spent 10 minutes on barefoot running before our 5 minutes of business.

Larry’s several months into it and completely sold. He’s been routinely running 20+ miles per week barefoot and has really gotten to the point that he doesn’t like putting on his old shoes. “You know how sometimes you get heavy feet when your running; I never get that with barefeet.”

It was inspiring because in a number of ways Larry’s like me (albeit a lot skinnier). He’s been a conventional runner for many years and has been battling minor joint issues. He had a pretty shoe-free childhood growing up on Cape Cod, which reinforces my theory that foot muscles build up in youth can give one an easier ramp-up in adulthood. And, Larry runs all winter in New England.

So, of course, we talked shoes. He’s totally sold on Vibram Five Fingers when the conditions demand. Started with Flows (anticipating to the impending Winter weather) but had a hard time with the fit around his toes so switched to KSOs which fit like a glove (literally, I guess, nyuk, nyuk). The mesh is a little too open for snow, so he’s ordered some KSO Treks. He also mentioned that he’s gotten bruises through his KSOs when trail running over rocks and he believes the Treks have a little more bottom.

We’re both psyched for the Spring when we can go more purist.

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