Happy with sore calves

Yesterday was beautiful by Boston standards (today too). It was in the high 30s and sunny. I did my usual lunchtime 3 miles, but unusually, pulled off my shoes for another half mile afterwards. It was great; I can’t wait to loose the shoes.

I plan to publish pointers to some of the great resources out there on how to get started. The very consistent message is Don’t Overdo and the pretty consistent message is Go Barefoot for Real Even it Eventually You Adopt Minimalist Shoes. Tough to start with that in the Winter, so my first couple runs (.5 mile, then .75 mile) were on my treadmill.

One thing I noticed immediately was that I wasn’t pounding the treadmill hard. There’s a little shelf where I’d been unable to sit the TV remote because it bounced around too much when I was wearing shoes. But clearly I was naturally running much more lightly and smoothly in barefeet. The other thing I noticed was my calves. Already reasonable shape, I was shocked at how much I felt them after a couple of short runs.

At this point I’ve got almost 4 barefoot miles under my belt and maybe 20 miles in shoes trying to run with a barefoot-like stride, and my calves are still talking to me. I noticed it particularly yesterday. It’s good sore though; the kind that makes you know the exercise is working.

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