Agony of d’feet

Actually not. Mine are feeling OK. I was in the Albany area this weekend and got out for two 1 mile jaunts. It was about 20 degrees each day, sunny though which I think helped warm up the road a bit. Both days, I found it a little tough to get going, especially starting on a gravel driveway which was a little muddy the first day, but I felt great after a quarter mile or so. My soles are feeling slightly raw, so I’m glad I didn’t push it, but I am confident I’m getting there.

I have to say, a couple weeks ago I too quickly jumped to the conclusion that one can’t go truly barefoot in a New England winter. But I had a little back and forth with purist Barefoot Ken Bob who caused me to reserve judgement. (Thanks, BKB!)

So, I did a little research and found there are guys out there (like Barefoot Jason Robillard in Michigan) who are going doing for real in the snow. And, since then, I’ve been out 5 times in real winter weather, albeit for shorter runs as I come up to speed.

I do have some VFFs on the way, but I’m looking at them as a way to outta shoes quicker and maybe not as the permanent solution.

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