Blood on the tracks

All the getting-started guides urge you to ramp up slowly. A good example is How to Run Barefoot from Barefoot University. In that guide, Jason Robillard advises starting at a quarter mile and ramping up an eighth mile each day. Today I went from 1 mile to 2.75 miles (though I was thinking it was only 2).

In my defense, it was a balmy 40 degrees and beautifully sunny. And I was feeling great. As I ran, I was mentally composing this post. It was going to be some kind of explanation about how it is that I am the one guy on the planet able to ramp my mileage so much faster that the average bare.  While stretching at end of the run, I glanced down and noticed that someone had been bleeding on the sidewalk.

It was only the tip of one toe with a little skin flap. A couple of other toes were slightly worse for wear. But on the positive side, I ran almost three miles, my feet weren’t cold and nothing hurt. And I’ve only been at this a few weeks. Today was the first day it really became clear to me that I can do this.

You may have noticed the “?” after Barefoot in the title of my blog. I really wasn’t sure where this would go when I started up. When I run 3 barefoot miles with no blood, I’ll lose the “?”

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One Comment on “Blood on the tracks”

  1. Rich Uncle Says:

    Good on ya, lad. We lived 95% barefoot for 10 years & loved it. Yer feet’ll do a better job of telling what you can & can’t do than a book.

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