Vibram Five Fingers sneak preview

Not that I advocate compromise, but VFFs seem to be establishing place in the barefoot running community as an alternative extreme conditions. They also seem a reasonable starting point to conventional runners intrigued by “barefoot” (albeit most experts advocate utilizing them only after establishing proper technique with true bare feet). Market savvy Vibram is evolving their line with specialized products for running. In April they start shipping the Bikila (named after the Olympic marathoner) and last week they started talking about the fall debut of an upgraded Trek. Check out these links for pics of these cool-looking new VFFs.

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4 Comments on “Vibram Five Fingers sneak preview”

  1. jenniepurnell Says:

    Have you tried yours yet? I like the pink and orange.:-)

  2. Phil Odence Says:

    Still waitin’ by the mailbox. So, naked feet for me run today.

  3. jenniepurnell Says:

    Ouch, it’s cold today.

    Which kind did you get? The Five Finger Flow looks good for cold winter running. Colors are awful though.

    These make my Crocs look elegant.

  4. Phil Odence Says:

    A friend works for the company and tell me she sent me a couple pairs. I think one pair of KSO (evidently stands fro Keep Shit Out) and some Flows. Not sure about colors. I promise that when they arrive I post pictures and opinions.

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