Nothing new under the…foot

Leave it to Barefoot Ted to come up with a 114 year old article on the glories of recreational running. Running as an Exercise by Dr. J. William Lloyd, published in 1895 in the Journal of Hygiene and Herald of Health is a great little read. And it’s unbelievably consistent with the way at least Barefoot Phil thinks about his sport.

“Running…one of the most perfect exercises which a man may take without apparatus or assistance from others,” says Lloyd (and I don’t think Vibram Five Fingers count as apparati). “Even in winter a short run, barefooted, through the loose snow may be made perfectly safe.”

The article in its stilted, archaic language, transported me back to a simpler, barefoot-kinda time.

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One Comment on “Nothing new under the…foot”

  1. Nisar Says:

    There are a couple of articles of interest at today:

    It seems the barefoot phenomenon is not limited to running 🙂

    On a more serious note, thanks Phil for your regular blogs on the subject. They have been informative and enlightning for someone like me who is considering taking the plunge.


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