Five fingers at 10 miles…an interim report

There’s been lots of interest in how the VFF Flows are working. A week into it and after ten miles of running I remain impressed. I’ve also worn them around town a bit and have some observations about that. Finally, having run “barefoot” as much in the last week as in the prior three weeks, I’m also evolving my understanding of what’s involved with cutting over from conventional running.

First, they do go on easier than they did initially. It’s still a bit of a trick to get my little toes in, but I attribute that to my toes. My little toe tends to tuck into the next one; could be a consequence of lots of years in shoes.

The running conditions have been fairly consistent: Temps 25-25, little new snow, dry roads for the most part. My feet were never cold. There was a little slush one day and some water leaked through into my toes. It felt briefly cool, but only briefly and even the slight dampness was no bother. They provide plenty of protection for my still toughening soles on poorly maintained roads. Only twice have I noticed anything, once on a trail lousy with acorns and once running across solidly frozen grass that felt a bit like a field of golfballs. I’ll also mention that I was hiking in the woods today and on a steep, snowy slope I had almost no traction. Maybe VFF Treks would be better, but I can tell you Flows are not the footwear for those conditions.

I’ve gotten a few peculiar looks, but moreso when I was moving slower. I wore them around at Dartmouth Winter Carnival and was a bit of an oddity. I’ve actually never seen another person wearing VFFs, but I have to admit that they give one a Frodo Baggins sort of look, so I don’t blame people for looking and asking. I felt perfectly comfortable strolling around Hanover and standing around a cocktail party. I probably wouldn’t wear them again to a hockey game. Standing on cold concrete for a couple hours, my feet were cold and heels were feeling it slightly too.

Bottom line: Still very pleased with the VFFs. My plan is to go without as much as I can, but my expectation is that they will continue to come in handy for extreme cold.

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3 Comments on “Five fingers at 10 miles…an interim report”

  1. justin Says:

    Glad you’re enjoying your Flows. The Treks definitely do lend more traction on steep hills or mud, just so you know.

  2. Jennie Says:

    Those look pretty darn good with the jeans.

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