“Are you lost?”

About 35 degrees and raw today. Early in my two mile barefoot run, I crossed paths with a middle-aged couple walking their dog. She smiled and said Hi. As I was passing, he asked with a slight accent, “Are you luhst?”  Am I lost? “No, I’m not lost,” I assured him.

What the hell? From where might I be lost? Malibu Beach? The Serengeti plain? 4000 years ago? McLean Hospital? Neverland? Given the accent, my wife thought he might have meant to say, “Have you lost your shoes?” It felt to me more like he was so taken aback, that he just misblurted his question. What he probably meant was, “Why are you running barefoot?” It’s a long story, dude, read my blog.

Yesterday I was talking to a contractor about fixing the roof of my barn which had a close encounter with a tree in the big windstorm the other night. He’d been surfing on the north shore on the day of the windstorm. I gotta admit I thought he was a little crazy. Of course he wears a wetsuit whereas when I plunged into Nantucket Sound just after the first of the year, I was only sporting a bathing suit.

We’re pretty coddled with modern creature comforts. I think we’ve lost some perspective on what was the norm for our ancestors. And not necessarily pre-historic ones…it was only a couple of hundred years ago that Washington marched from New York to Valley Forge for the Winter with many tro0ps lacking footwear (not even Vibram FFs!). Active human bodies are pretty weatherproof; it’s when you stop that you have to watch out.

So why run barefoot? I’m mainly looking for the healthiest way to run. I want to run forever, so I need to keep working out the most sustainable way to do it. No I’m not lost, but there might be an element of grasping for lost youth. Running barefoot, swimming in January, hiking in single digits,…it all makes the creaky bod feel a bit less creaky. Am I luhst?  Sheesh!

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