Picture worth 1000 words…

Barefoot Jason Roubillard is a self-effacing (he’ll tell you he’s lazy…yeah, right) ultramarathoner and one of the main barefoot running dudes in the universe. He’s recently been working on a great series of posts about the whole ultramarathon thing all of which are well worth a read. My jaw dropped reading a recent post.

It was a short little piece that raised the question of why people treat the Boston Marathon (upcoming in April, of course) with such reverence. The reason Jason was able to keep the piece so short was 1000 word picture he included (he borrowed it and I’ll in turn borrow it here):

Click on it for detail. Can you believe that? Boston is hardly a blip compared to the Western States Endurance Race, king of the ultras. Heartbreak Hill is a joke!

I’ll not try to further add to the 1000 words except to plug Jason’s Barefoot University. Also, looking forward to the release of his upcoming book.

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2 Comments on “Picture worth 1000 words…”

  1. […] his 1” shorter leg) author of the first barefoot how to book. Scott Jurek, 7 time winner of the Western States 100 mile ultra marathon. Lee Saxby, superstud running coach. Jeffrey Ferris, the local grandpa of barefoot running, with 42 […]

  2. conficio Says:

    What a difference!

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