Let’s get physical

There has been a preponderance of press in the wake of the Lieberman study, and most of the articles read the same. So, I was surprised to see an piece a few weeks ago that actually didn’t mention Lieberman! More importantly, however, it’s a very good survey of barefoot running from the perspective of physical therapists. In my experience, PTs are often more practical than docs and generally provide very useful, pragmatic advice. In my estimation, this article from TodayinPT.com is no exception. It’s mostly directed at those new to barefoot running, but even experienced runners can benefit from reminders and new perspectives now an then.

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2 Comments on “Let’s get physical”

  1. polynesian69 Says:

    No one ever mentions the differences in the cultures of these barefoot athletes. Whenever a barefoot endurance athlete is mentioned, they are coming from cultures whose people habitually and pragmatically go unshod. In our Western culture we wear shoes before we can even walk. So my question is can an adult who has spent a lifetime in footwear have a foot that can adapt, behave and respond to running barefoot like a person who lives in a culture that rarely ever wears shoes? Probably not. But can she have some fun doing it? Probably so. I’m still suspicious of the #VFF’s because they resemble ‘shoes’ but perhaps this trend will cross over into trail running shoe design. Thanks for the informative post.


  2. Phil Odence Says:

    Dr. Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist who studies barefoot running, the claim some people that you have to have grown up barefoot running in order to do it is BS. He’s confident that adults who’ve never done it can become barefoot runners. And most people who do it, think it’s pretty fun.

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