When they look at you funny in San Francisco, you know you are out there

I had a terrific run along the Marina Green in San Francisco yesterday morning at about 7:00. As jogged down Filmore Street towards the water, a twenty something kid with a large paper clip thing in his cheek asked, “Are you running barefoot on purpose?” This is in the city in which while waiting for a table last night, we saw a woman dressed like a big redhead Marie Antoinette walking with a guy in a Dick Tracy hat and a vest over a Chi Guevara Tshirt. And no, I’m pretty sure they weren’t going to a costume party; it was just Haight Street.

I think the kid was being nice and in the city, particularly this one, I could have been someone in trouble to whom he was offering help. Still, it surprised me that here, in the land of people doing their own thing, that I would have stood out. He went on to ask the glass question, and I explained that I avoid it.

Even fairly early on a Saturday morning, there are lots of people running along the water towards he bridge and I started passing many on the way by back. Several offered up some very supportive atta boys. One attractive woman in a group called out, “Barefoot running” with the same intonation as Saturday Night Live’s Rob Schneider ‘s,”Makin’ copies.” She meant it nicely. Another one said, “Barefoot…good job!”

But of the several hundred runners I saw, in this city known for freedom of expression, cutting edge ideas and mild climate, I saw nary a bare toe, not even any minimalist shoes. It gave me perspective; we are still a pretty small bunch. It will be interesting to see what I find staying in Malibu later in the week.

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2 Comments on “When they look at you funny in San Francisco, you know you are out there”

  1. barefootinit Says:

    Hi Phil – Great to meet you at the workshop! Just thought I’d share that the first time I saw another barefoot runner actually happened to be in San Francisco, at Golden Gate Park so they are out there. Totally barefoot too!

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