SoCal…so cool!

My wife was walking behind me as we were strolling around the campus at UCLA and heard a couple of male students commenting on my lack of footwear. They seemed to think it was particularly lame that I had my Topsiders in my back pockets. But other than that, bare feet were pretty acceptable in Southern Cal. It was great seeing kids come out of the grocery store in Malibu shoeless.

I had some delightful runs along the beach in Santa Monica and Malibu, and certainly turned no heads. That said, I spend a fair amount of time with my eyes peeled for other barefooters and only saw one woman running on the sand by the water edge…was not clear to me she was a barefoot runner per se. I didn’t get down to Ken Bob’s ‘hood in Huntington Beach; maybe it would have been different there. Overall, though, I continue to be amazed at how sparsely barefoot running seems to have penetrated the overall community.

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