Extra, extra…barefoot news

There’s a lot going on in the barefoot community these days, so this is a roundup of some of the top stories.

Vibram Five Finger Bikilas For Sale On-Line: At City Sports. Before you get too excited, it’s still pretty limited. First of all, guys only. Sorry, ladies, I don’t get it either. And they are only in blue, but although I like my gray/red ones best, I think the blues are pretty cool too. And, evidently only in 45, 46, 47 (I have American size 11.5s and wear 44 Bikilas). I have the feeling that these are the leftovers from the initial shipment of 450 pairs to City Sports. But, it’s a start and I have it on good authority form a Vibram insider that are on the way to City Sports this week. I am also told that 10,000 pairs will hit arrive in the States by the end of June.

World Record Barefoot Race: Barefoot Jason Robillard (in conjunction with the Barefoot Runners Society) is organizing a race in Grand Rapids MI on Friday night that should be the world record in terms of number of barefoot participants.  The orignal plan was to set the record as part of the Fifth Third Riverbank Run on Saturday, but evidently the Guinness’ stringent requirements necessitate creating a separate race. According to the Barefoot Runners Society, about 150 barefooters are expected. In comparison, I did hear that there were only two in the entire marathon field this year.

Barefoot Runners Society Nears Launch: I gather from Barefoot Preston that the society is the brain child of a gal named TJ in Atlanta and her buddy Cameron who seems to be the webmaster. Their mission is

  • To offer resources that unite barefoot runners from around the country;
  • To promote barefoot running and minimalist running around the country and at race events as a competitive sport;
  • To dispel the myths associated with barefoot running that negatively impact the sport;
  • To educate the running public on the health benefits of running barefoot and minimalist.

So far access to the site has been limited to a small number of beta testers, but I’ve been given 10 invitations to hand out to friends and fans. Leave a comment or drop me a note with your email address and I’ll send you one as long as they last.

Barefoot Phil Gets a Blister: Yesterday was as nice a running day as you could imagine. It was maybe 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I went out and did an easy 3 when the sun was at its peak. And my soles hurt a little. I went twice that distance a week ago with no problem. And I ended up with a small deep blood blister on the outside ball of my foot. The only thing I can figure is that it was the hot surface. I stopped at one point and noticed how h0t the black asphalt had gotten. Anyone else have that experience.

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3 Comments on “Extra, extra…barefoot news”

  1. Kathy Elkind Says:

    Hi Phil, I’ve like a pass to that new website if you still have them. I have not run on very hot pavement yet. I’m a 6:00 AM runner. –

  2. M. B. Says:

    Had some blood blistering on the outside of the forefoot when I started 4 months ago. It went away pretty quickly (1 month or so) and I’ve gradually increased the mileage. Gotta listen to your body. When it starts hurting…stop! That’s extremely frustrating but you can’t rush it. Patience is a virtue.

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