In favor of meet ups with barefoot brethren

Last weekend I came off the red eye at Logan and went straight to a barefoot fun run. Six of us had a great time traversing the Battle Road in Minute Man National Park. (That’s not a bad number considering the world record set last Friday was 140 barefooters in one place.) Kudos again to the Preston, Jim and the Metro Boston Barefoot Runners for pulling it together.

I’m pretty much of a lone runner. Most of my outings are at lunchtime from work and I don’t work with anyone on the same program. In fact, much of the appeal of running for me is the convenience factor of being able to do it alone. But, I have to say it was a kick to get out with a gang. I might have slid by the various National Park visitors without turning a head, but I promise you that no one was missing six pairs of bare feet gliding by. We got a few comments; all positive.

My weekends tend to be packed, but I’ll make an effort to get out with the gang when I can.

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