Are wet feet softer?

A friend who was following my blog raised a question about running under wet conditions. She had an upcoming 10K and was concerned as to whether she might have sole problems given the wet forecast. Do feet get soft in rainy conditions and are soles more exposed to wear? I hadn’t really thought about it at the time, but responded that I thought the concern was reasonable.

Last week on a drizzly Wednesday, I paid attention and now believe it’s non-issue. I’ve been doing mostly 3 mile runs (with an occasional 5 or 6). I mostly run on asphalt. On Wednesday I ran 4 in a light rain. To make sure it was a good test, I splashed in a few puddles early on and made sure to take on some crappy, graveling roads along the way. My conclusion is that the rain made no difference on the toughness of my soles. In fact, if anything, the wet provided some lubrication between my feet and the asphalt. Puddle splashing is fun, and refreshing.

Like a mailman, I try never to let the weather deter my from my appointed rounds. Now I’ve got one more reason to get out there.

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4 Comments on “Are wet feet softer?”

  1. I’ve noticed more blistering in wet conditions as the lubrication causes the feet to slide. Not sure how big of a difference it would make though.

  2. caio1982 Says:

    I’m sure the asphalt quality and conditions matters here but from what I can tell I never had any issues running in wet surfaces, on the contrary, it proved to be actually nicer to my feet. I don’t know, maybe the friction is not that high. For me, the best condition ever is like a couple of minutes since the rain stopped. Sort of wet, but not completely wet by the rain itself.

  3. Sean Says:

    Hiya…have you any furhter thoughts on this? Am getting kinda enthralled by all this barefoot stuff but live in Ireland where wet is pervasive & the norm…trails are more like marsh & asphalt is rarely dry – gorgeous country but there is a reason its so lush and green & grass can grow anything! I’d like to think that despite my lack of exercise for far too long I will be quick enough to avoid getting trenchfoot…but am just interested in how you would think about learnign to barefoot in a continually damp climate! Many thanks for any thoughts! Slainte, S

    • Phil Odence Says:

      Sorry for the slow response. I’ve been a lousy blogger lately (though still a good runner). I’ve not run in consistently wet conditions, but nor have I ever been shy about running in the rain. I hated getting my socks soaked when I used to run shod, and I’d find myself with prune feet sometimes as a consequence. I’ve never really had a problem with barefeet and wetness.

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