Heat on the Street under Feet

…not too sweet. My soles occasionally tingle after a run; it been months since I’ve had more than a spot problem here or there, but nothing significant. Today after three miles they were hurtin’ and swollen…and bothered me for several hours.

The merc was hittin’ about 90 and I headed out 15 mins before the blazing sun hit its zenith. It had been directly slamming the dark asphalt for a couple hours at that point. Get the pic? It was hot as hell.

I felt fine for the first mile or so, but by some cumulative effect my soles began to get uncomfortably hot. Shorter, quicker steps seemed to help and shade and grass on the roadside offered havens. By mile two and a half I was seeking the narrow shadows of electrical wires. Walking was not an option, that was really bad. I was glad to be done and to do my post run stretch on some serious grass. I don’t think I could have gone much further.

For at least a couple of hours my feet were noticeably sore and swollen. In retrospect, I should have tried cold packs. That was 8 hours ago and they are fine now. Will I build up resistance? Do I need to find an alternative to lunchtime runs in mid-summer? Is this another job for Vibram VFFs?

Can’t wait go get out there tomorrow for some more data collection. Maybe.

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4 Comments on “Heat on the Street under Feet”

  1. You can develop some tolerance to it, but to be honest I would play it safe. I try to run really early in the morning or later at night when it is cooler.

    Trails are a good mid-day option as well, since they are typically shaded and not as conductive to heat.

  2. I am just adding this comment so I can receive comment updates.

  3. Phil Odence Says:

    Thanks, Tyler. Lunchtime is most convenient for me, but I do have access to some trails. Today I was on the streets but with the VFF Bikilas and was feeling very good about having them.
    Within minutes of my posting, Barefoot Jason (ultramarathoner extraordinaire) posted this account of his own hotfoot:

  4. aaron Says:

    Interesting post. I run in VFF Bikilas with 1-2 short barefoot sessions per week) and have noticed my feet swelling some recently. They also feel a bit tender. I’m not sure if it is the heat and humidity or what. I have been in VFFs for about 6 months with no problems, so I know it isn’t just the shoes. My feet don’t always swell, but when they do it is on the bottoms, right behind my toes where I land, and on the tops. The swelling on the tops isn’t bad, but it is such that I can no longer see the tendons when I flex my toes. I usually feel the swelling enough to loosen the straps on my post run VFFs. The swelling usually passes within a day and never bothers me enough to keep me from hitting the streets one or two days later.

    I’ll check back with your blog to see what you and/or others come up with.

    BTW, great site!

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