Another question from another buddy

It’s been rewarding to have old friends get interested and try barefoot running based on my writings. Here’s and inquiry from Mike who I’ve not seen since high school. He’s a very active guy and was running a lot until he broke his leg a few months ago:

I am contemplating returning to running with VFF or Bikila after I get over this broken fibula. I’m not so keen on the idea of going completely barefoot however I do like the idea. Are barefoot shoes breathable so your feet don’t sweat a lot? Since I have to start over again in running, I’m thinking this might a good time to try something different.

Seems like a good idea to me (although I am not a doc). You will be starting slow anyway and getting into barefoot running requires a slow ramp. One benefit of bare feet (as in no VFFs) is that your tender soles will slow you down and keep you from over doing. Maybe your leg will be in a weakened enough state that you don’t need that.

To me, all running shoes feel pretty hot and confining and I prefer the wind in my toes, but I’ve worn my VFF Bikilas a couple of times this summer when the roads were scorching and my feet didn’t feel particularly sweaty. I have some VFF KSO Flows that I’ve worn in extreme cold and they don’t breath so well; you certainly wouldn’t want those except in deep winter conditions.

Keep me posted.

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