Barefootin’ on Boston TV

One morning in mid-June, ten or so of the New England Barefoot Runners faithful gathered by the Charles in Cambridge for our TV debut. Channel 5 weather guy (and avid runner) Dave Brown was working on some stories about running in Boston for Chronicle and had contacted Barefoot Preston Curtis who put out a casting call.

Although we didn’t get a great workout, it was fun and interesting to see how local TV sausage gets made. Dave and his photographer started by interviewing Barefoot Mama, Therese Withee, the first woman to run a barefoot Boston marathon. Next up was Todd Byers, a buddy of Ken Bob Saxton’s, and the world record holder for barefoot marathons with 102 under his belt. Both are great folks,

by the way. Dave also interviewed organizer Preston.

The ensemble then jogged around Cambridge for the camera, up the sidewalk, over the river, etc. They were open to our suggestions about places and angles. After all that was in the can, the film crew headed over to meet with Dr. Dan Lieberman at his Harvard lab.

Dave described that this would be part of a multi-night series. He mentioned that one part would about a group of veterans who run for therapy and another about a long time Boston Marathon race director, Dave McGillivray. But it seems the series was condensed into a single Chronicle episode and the description on the station’s website mentions none of the above, so not sure how much airtime we’ll actually get.

It will be shown on Thursday, July 28, at 7:30 on Boston Channel 5. We gather that after it airs, it will be available on-line here. In any case, good work, Preston, pulling it all together.

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