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Big barefoot questions…6 months in

July 20, 2010

I took a shot at this after three months of foray into the crazy world of barefoot running and it’s time for an update at the 6 month mark.

Cause it’s fun is what I said from the outset and I’m still there. That’s my bottom line. Some of my barefoot colleagues are about a barefoot lifestyle. Barefoot Jason just dumped his TV and started wearing kilts. For me it’s about running and being able to continue doing so as long as possible (although I admit being pleased with myself for not once putting on a shoe the last two weekends at the Cape…and without trying by the way; it just happened that way.)

Don’t your feet hurt?
Three months in, I had concluded that barefoot running, while delightful on smooth asphalt, did not lend itself to trail running and rougher roads. A clinic with Barefoot Ken Bob has lead me to reconsider to say the least. If you do it right you can run on most anything. Right means bending getting low and bending the knees more than I previously thought necessary when the road gets rough. He really amazed me and had a profound impact on the way I think about running.

Does it hurt? I may write a longer blog on this, but for now suffice it to say, I think you get so you perceive the sensation differently. You know that you are stepping on uneven surfaces but it doesn’t bother you so much. Here’s a secret: I find it (more…)


Virgin VFF experience…thumbs up

February 7, 2010

Today I rushed to the mailbox and tore into my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers, a pair of Flows which the manufacturer describes as being for colder temperatures. I’m very psyched for the flexibility they will give me for winter running.

My first impression was that they were lighter than expected. The wetsuit-like upper felt pretty thin and the bottom quite flexible although a bit heavier in the heel than I expected. I couldn’t wait to haul them on (more…)

Long johns, bare feet and ATV trails

February 7, 2010

Oh the blog I could write, but won’t, about my boys’ long weekend in the way-backwoods of VT. We enjoyed a terrific day of skiing at Killington, but spent the bulk of the visit at Brother Terry’s on top of a mountain outside of Bethel orientiering, curling, euchre, darts,…a few beers. I’ll stick to the relevant part which is that while Cappa and RK we setting up the lamb rotisserie Saturday morning, I headed out for a 12 degree demo run.

The boys were interested to see what it looked like, so I donned my official BWC long johns and gave it a go. I made it an eighth mile down the road before the hard gravel and ice proved too much. Upon jogging back up to the house, I found that the hard packed snow was just right, but my feet were a little cold at that point. My sense is I could have done a half mile without problem on the ATV tracks, if I’d gone that way from the outset.

Barefoot snow skiing!!!

February 3, 2010

OK, OK…there’s no such thing (as far as I know). I’m not even sure what it would look like. But, as I’m disappearing tomorrow for some bootfoot skiing this weekend, I thought snow was an appropriate topic.

If you read below about all the barefoot running misconceptions, you know that normal people thing one can’t run in the snow. Well, check out Barefoot Ted (of Born to Run fame) to the left…I guess one can! According to his blog, he’s doesn’t like it much, (more…)

Won’t you cut yourself on glass?…etc.

February 2, 2010

Zola Budd

There are all kinds of misconceptions out there about barefoot running. As one who’s “come out of the closest” with some fanfare (and in the winter) I’ve heard a lot of them.  The big misconception is the fundamental one: Shoes protect feet; with out them feet get hurt. The rest are kind of variations on that theme. Rob Raux, a barefoot runner in Michigan, wrote a nice little piece in which he outlines all the common misconceptions and provides the barefoot responses to them. Great to study before you’re next interrogated on the subject.

Blood on the tracks

January 27, 2010

All the getting-started guides urge you to ramp up slowly. A good example is How to Run Barefoot from Barefoot University. In that guide, Jason Robillard advises starting at a quarter mile and ramping up an eighth mile each day. Today I went from 1 mile to 2.75 miles (though I was thinking it was only 2).

In my defense, it was a balmy 40 degrees and beautifully sunny. And I was feeling great. As I ran, I was mentally composing this post. It was going to be some kind of explanation about how it is that I am the one guy on the planet able to ramp my mileage so much faster that the average bare.  While stretching at end of the run, I glanced down and noticed that someone had been bleeding (more…)

Agony of d’feet

January 24, 2010

Actually not. Mine are feeling OK. I was in the Albany area this weekend and got out for two 1 mile jaunts. It was about 20 degrees each day, sunny though which I think helped warm up the road a bit. Both days, I found it a little tough to get going, especially starting on a gravel driveway which was a little muddy the first day, but I felt great after a quarter mile or so. My soles are feeling slightly raw, so I’m glad I didn’t push it, but I am confident I’m getting there.

I have to say, a couple weeks ago I too quickly jumped to the conclusion that one can’t go truly barefoot in a New England winter. But I had a little back and forth with purist Barefoot Ken Bob who caused me to reserve judgement. (Thanks, BKB!)

So, I did a little research and found there are guys out there (more…)